Borage Herbal Plant


PART USED: leaves

PLANET: Jupiter

TASTE: astringent, sweet, bitter
WARMTH: cooling

MERIDIANS: lung, heart

INDICATIONS: fever, lung congestion

PRECAUTIONS: do not take large doses internally if fresh...dry first

CONSTITUENTS: mucilage, tannin, traces of essential oil, pyrrolizidine alkaloids including lycopsamine, intermedine, and their acetyl derivatives, choline,

-standard infusion
-3-9 g of powdered herb

NUTRITIONAL USE: flowers rich in essential fatty acids

USE IN MAGIC: Courage, Psychic powers 
- carry fresh blossoms to strengthen courage
- place a flower in your buttonhole for protection
- infusion can strengthen psychic powers
- used by the Celts to instill courage in warriors
- used in ritual bath, taken as infusion, or burnt in incense to fortify one's courage and allow one to take heart and find joy in difficult circumstances

-helps one learn to be strong without sacrificing beauty, sensitivity, or generosity
-helps one learn to give generously of one's special talents, knowing one's needs will be met
-helps one learn that in giving we open ourselves to receive

"In trust, I draw my strength from Heaven and Earth, and share my love freely."


POSITIVE QUALITIES: Ebullient heart forces, buoyant courage and optimism

PATTERNS OF IMBALANCE: Heavy heartedness, lack of confidence in facing difficult circumstances

"Borage is an excellent heart remedy, especially for the feeling of heaviness in the heart, and perhaps throughout the body. Even as the word itself implies (cor is Latin for heart), courage is a soul quality intimately related to the heart; for it is through this energy center that one's essence is radiated outward to others. At times, when the soul experiences too much grief, sadness, or other adversity, the heart can become contracted and heavy. We call this feeling "discouraged" or "disheartened". The soul needs to learn that it can counter-balance this fettered feeling in the heart by contacting that which is 'light' or uplifting. This quality of soul courage is not so much connected to grit or strength, but to a condition of buoyancy in the soul which helps it to rise above, rather than sink into the weight of discouragement or depression. Borage flower essence helps the heart to experience this ebullience and lightness, filling the soul with fresh forces of optimism and enthusiasm. It is an excellent all-purpose balm and toner in many formulas when the soul needs upliftment and encouragement."



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