VIDANGA, Herbal Plant

Common name Embelia (E), Viranga (H), Vaividanga (H) Sanskrit Vid• an• ga Latin Embelia ribes–Fructus(Myrsinaceae)

Vidanga is a renowned remedy for treating digestive disorders, especially those characterised by abdominal bloating caused by   worms.

Rasa (taste) Pungent, Bitter
Vı-rya (energy) Hot
Vipa-ka (post-digestive effect)
Gun.a (quality) Light, dry, penetrating
Dos.a effect VK−, P+
Dha-tu (tissue) Plasma, blood, fat,
Srotas (channel) Digestive, excretory,
urinary, reproductive

Digestion Traditionally used to clear vata from the intestines. It specifically kills bacterial, fungal and worm infestations (round-, thread- and tape-) and is considered gentle enough to treat childhood worms. Powdered vidanga
is taken with honey on an empty stomach and then castor oil is used as a purgative the following day to flush out the dead worms. It strengthens agni very effectively and hence treats the underlying cause of parasitical infestations. Also benefits stagnation in the purisavahasrotas and frees constipation. It cures s´ula
causing colic and flatulence (Bhavaprakas´a). Skin As it clears kapha from the
skin it prevents itching. It is a fine alterative and cleans the blood and lymph of ama toxins causing swollen glands and supperative skin problems. It stimulates rasadhatvagni to clear fatty toxins circulating in the plasma and lymphatic systems. It is also used in formulas for vitiligo and faults in the pigmentation of
the skin. Can be applied as a mediciated oil to clear fungal infections of the skin (Paranjpe 2001).
Urinary It helps to drain kapha and vata out via the urinary system. Its effect on medas-dhatu can help in treating diabetes. Used in dysuria, stones, high uric acid
levels and cloudy urine. It colours the urine red. Reproduction Modern research
has found that it reduces male fertility by reducing testosterone
levels (Williamson 2002).

* Kutaja, garlic for worms.
* Sariva, bakuchi, manjishtha for
   skin conditions.
Common name Embelia (E), Viranga (H), Vaividanga (H) Sanskrit Vid• an• ga Latin Embelia ribes–Fructus
* Punarnava, gokshura for
   urinary problems.
Pregnancy; pitta aggravation.
No drug–herb interactions are
known. Vidanga has been associated
with damaging peripheral
vision when taken at very high
doses well the above normal
therapeutic range.
1–15g per day or 3–15ml per day
of a 1:3 @ 25% tincture

It grows all over India as a small shrub.
The tincture has proven the most effective way to
clear worms.
Use a high dose to kill worms and follow with a
It is presently banned for use in the UK under the
1977 Medicines Order.



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