Abal Calligonum comosum


Calligonum comosum
Description: The abal is one of the few shrubby plants that exists in the shady
deserts. This plant grows to about 1.2 meters, and its branches look like wisps from a
broom. The stiff, green branches produce an abundance of flowers in the early spring
months (March, April).
Habitat and Distribution: This plant is found in desert scrub and waste in any climatic
zone. It inhabits much of the North African desert. It may also be found on the desert
sands of the Middle East and as far eastward as the Rajputana desert of western India.
Edible Parts: This plant's general appearance would not indicate its usefulness to the
survivor, but while this plant is flowering in the spring, its fresh flowers can be eaten.
This plant is common in the areas where it is found. An analysis of the food value of
this plant has shown it to be high in sugar and nitrogenous components.



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