Herbal Plant Chervil



Common Names: Chervil
Latin Name: Anthriscus Cerefolium
Parts Used: Leaves
Cultivation: Chervil prefers moist, humous-y soil, in part shade, with a pH of 6.5. It is a hardy annual.
Culinary Uses: Chervil is one of the 'fines herbes" of French cooking, along with parsley, thyme, and tarragon. It is also known as the "bean herb" because of its affinity for green beans. Add chervil towards the end of cooking time to keeo it from turning bitter.
Medicinal Properties: Diuretic, expectorant, stimulant.
Medicinal Uses: Chervil is a diuretic, stimulant, and expectorant. It is used in the treatment of eczema, high blood pressure, gout, and kidney stones.



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