Tamarind, Herbal Medicine



Tamarind or Tamarindus indica, family Fabaceae, is widely growth in tropical regions and haslong been supplied as an important nutrition source and traditional medications. Tamarind seedhas activity of radical scavenging ,lipid peroxidation reducing and anti-microbialactivitie. Its antioxidant activity is appropriate for anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

Vitamin C
It prevents free radical damage due to its property of donating free radicals. It is beneficial inboosting immune system. The main source of Vitamin-C is carrots, peaches, sweet potatoes,oranges, broccolis, etc.

Vitamin E
Both plants and animals serve as a source of vitamin E. It has been found beneficial againstcertain types of cancer & cardiac problems. It is known as 'scavenger of free radicals’. VitaminE is mainly present in nuts, whole cereal grains, almonds, vegetable oils etc.



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