Agave, Agave species

Agave species
Description: These plants have large clusters of thick, fleshy leaves borne close to
the ground and surrounding a central stalk. The plants flower only once, then die.
They produce a massive flower stalk.
Habitat and Distribution: Agaves prefer dry, open areas. They are found throughout
Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of the western deserts of the United States
and Mexico.
Edible Parts: Its flowers and flower buds are edible. Boil them before eating.

Other Uses: Cut the huge flower stalk and collect the juice for drinking. Some species have very fibrous leaves. Pound the leaves and remove the fibers for weaving and making ropes. Most species have thick, sharp needles at the tips of the leaves. Use them for sewing or making hacks. The sap of some species contains a chemical that makes the sap suitable for use as a soap.



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