VASA, Herbal Plant

Common name Malabar nut (E), Vasaka (H), Adusa (H) Sanskrit Va-sa- , Va-saka Latin Adhatoda vasica,
 syn. Justicia adhatoda–Folium (Acanthaceae)

Vasa means ‘perfume’ and is a common evergreen perennial shrub growing all over the plains of India and Sri Lanka. It is a powerful bronchodilator and expectorant for use in respiratory conditions with high kapha and pitta.

Rasa (taste) Bitter, astringent
Vı-rya (energy) Cold
Vipa-ka (post-digestive effect)
Gun.a (quality) Light, dry
Dos.a effect KP−, V+
Dha-tu (tissue) Plasma, blood, fat
Srotas (channel) Respiratory, circulatory,

Alkaloids Vasicine, vasicinone,
vasicinol, maiontone
Essential oil Ketone
(Bone 1996)

Bronchodilator, expectorant,
antispasmodic, alterative,
styptic, uterine contractor,
diaphoretic, febrifuge.

Lungs It is a specific for respiratory congestion and wheezing. As a powerful bronchodilator it eases breathlessness and bronchospasm. It clears inflammatory pitta heat and liquefies congestive kapha. It can be used where there is inflammation from an allergic response as it clears the lungs and nostrils. Its diaphoretic properties act on rasa dhatu and can be utilised in fevers to clear ama and displacedpitta. As it disperses stagnation and strongly scatters prana vayu it can aggravate vata (Bone 1996).
Blood It is eulogised in the Sanskrit literature for stopping bleeding (raktastambhana). Its effect on raktapitta is to astringe the mucous membranes and it is effective in bleeding from ulcers,menorrhagia, epistaxis and the
gingivitis with high pitta (Paranjpe 2001). Skin Its ability to clear heat from rakta dhatu and cool bhrajaka pitta make it a useful herb for inflammatory skin diseases with a pitta–kapha pathology. Its mild diaphoretic action can help to clear kapha toxins trapped in rasadhatu. Gynaecology Its astringency causes contraction of the uterus. This can be useful in bleeding and prolapse. Its oxytocic properties make it useful as a parturientto facilite labour but it should not be used at any other stage during pregnancy (Bone 1996). Heart Vasa stimulates the vagus nerve and causes vasodilation of the capillaries. This can help to increase the contractile ability of the heart and also lower blood pressure (Gogte 2000). COMBINATIONS* Anthrapachaka, bibhitaki, pippali, licorice in lung congestion from bronchospasm. Can be used with dhattura for a stronger effect.
* Trikat.u and honey in asthma.
* Manjishtha in bleeding from
   heat and high pitta.
* Neem, chrysanthemum,
   manjishtha in skin disorders.
* Rose, shatavari in excess
   uterine bleeding from heat.


*        Anthrapachaka, bibhitaki, pippali,

          licorice in lung congestion

from bronchospasm. Can be

used with dhattura for a
stronger effect.
*        Trikat.u and honey in asthma.
*        Manjishtha in bleeding from
heat and high pitta.
          Neem, chrysanthemum,
manjishtha in skin disorders.
          Rose, shatavari in excess
uterine bleeding from heat.

It is exceptionally powerful and
   should only be used under the
   guidance of a herbalist.
Only use short-term (up to 6
   weeks maximum).
Excess use can cause

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