What are the medicinal benefits of ganoderma mushroom ?


While the medicinal benefits of Ganoderma are well researched and
documented by various scientists, the consumption is not prescriptive
or disease specific and taken as a food supplement due to its very
nature of assisting the body to heal itself. It has been used in curing
various diseases like diabetes, liver disorders, insomnia, gastric ulcers,
neurasthenia, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, allergy of 
diseases including HIV with beneficial results.

However a note of warning to the lay person. It is not a replacement
for you current line of treatment. It is an adjuvant therapy which can
help your body work the way it is supposed to work in sloughing off
toxins and healing itself. What ganoderma does for you will be specific
for YOUR body. Your body is your own best doctor - If you have a
splinter in your finger, if you leave it there instead of remove it,
eventually the body will force it out of your skin. When you have an
illness, your immune system goes to work to kick out the reason you
are feeling ill. DXN’s ganoderma products act to help your body work
the way it is supposed to work. It helps your body kick out all the
toxins that are making you feel bad, and it also boosts your immune
system so that your body can heal itself. Ganoderma does nothing
more than help your own body do its job.



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