Haldi, Herbal Medicine Plant



Botanical name : Curcuma Longa
English name : Turmeric
·         It is currently used in the formulation of some sunscreens. Turmeric paste is used by some Indian women to keep them free of superfluous hair. Its paste gives glow to skin and keeps some harmful bacteria away from the body. It also acts as an excellent anti-scarring agent when mixed with milk and applied on skin.
·         In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is thought to have many medicinal properties and many in India use it as a readily available antiseptic for cuts, burns and bruises. Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine say it has fluoride which is thought to be essential for teeth. It is also used as an antibacterial agent.
·         It is taken in some Asian countries as a dietary supplement, which allegedly helps with stomach problems and other ailments. It is popular as a tea in Okinawa, Japan. It is currently being investigated for possible benefits in Alzheimer's disease, cancer and liver disorders.
·         Turmeric also finds its use in Gardening to Deter ants.



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